Family // Autumn fun at Meadow Farm Park

Ashley and Kenzie have been our most REPEAT clients. I’ve been shooting Kenzie since she was weeks old. I’m so happy to document and be a part of this family’s memories.

For two sessions now, we’ve gone to Meadow Farm Park in Glen Allen, VA. This park just keeps giving! Every time I take people here, everyone is so surprised that such a beautiful park is so unknown, with hardly any other park-goers!

Ashley, her mom, and Kenzie showed up a few minutes before me and they got to see a pretty large group of bicyclists set out for a big group ride. Pretty inspiring to see a bunch of people get together and have a good time, being so active and healthy! When I arrived, we made the small trek to the top of the hill to start some photos. Ashley brought a few props, we had some pumpkins and a family heirloom – a small chair that’s been passed down through their family for generations.

Kenzie was adorable as always. We all ran around the park, snapping away and playing with pumpkins and sheep. At one point, we were hanging out under an oak tree when it seemed like it started to rain acorns. Since none of us had our helmets on, we did some quick walking and took some photos near the big farm house on the property.

We had a great time, and as always, Miss Kenzie provided for some great photographs. Enjoy!

storyboard001 Kenzie storyboard002 Kenzie storyboard003 Kenzie storyboard004 Kenzie storyboard005 Kenzie storyboard006 Kenzie storyboard007 Kenzie storyboard010 Kenzie storyboard011 Kenzie
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