Wedding // Andrew and Lauren

Ginger Snaps and Root Beer (along with tons of other goodies) awaited the guests as they checked into the Radisson Hotel. The welcome goodie-bags were just the beginning of an incredibly thoughtful, and wonderful, wedding weekend. Andrew and Lauren don’t just love each other, but it’s clear they have love in abundance for their so many friends and family.

The weekend for Common Spark Media started on Thursday with the drive up to Philadelphia. We left early to be sure we arrived on time for the rehearsal and rehearsal supper. Not every photographer goes to the rehearsal, but we think it’s such a great time to get the lay of the land, and to get to know the wedding party a bit more. The following day we were going to be taking some extremely intimate and personal photographs, it’s much better to not be a complete stranger during the process.

The Ceremony and reception were both at The Philadelphia Quartet Country Club. We all woke up to some torrential raining, but remained calm and collected, patiently waiting out the storm. While the girls were getting ready, they were breaking into some champagne a little early, and Andrew was relaxing with his groomsmen – and reenacting his proposal with Kevin. The day was filled with so many touching moments, from Lauren exchanging presents with her sister, to her parents getting a preview of her hair and make up.

Su was able to not only get some great video footage, but he also single-handedly set up the entire photo booth on his own! The photo booth was a HUGE hit, and we can’t wait to roll this out at all of our weddings and events. You’ll see some of the photos here on the blog, but you’ve got to see the results of the print – it’s so awesome watching people walk away with real photo strips in their hands. Lauren had a great idea of sending one photo strip with the guests, and another copy for them to sign and put in a guest book. It was a little bumpy, but I think it was GREAT!

Andrew and Lauren are such a great couple, and I’m proud to call them friends. You’ll see that they and their entire wedding party are all super photogenic, and we all had a GREAT time at their wedding. The reception was amazing, the food was incredible, and I’m still working off the weight I gained on the dessert buffet. Really, really incredible.

Enjoy the photos, vender information at the end of the post!

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Congratulations again, Andrew and Lauren DAVIS!

Preacher: Rev. Kent Foster, Make up: Cindy Singer, Dress: Jewel Couture from Ashley’s Bridal, Florist: Kremp Florist, Music and DJ: Tailored Entertainment, Wedding Cake: Oteri’s Bakery, Honeymoon: Costa Rica!!