Engagement // Zach and Erin

These two are TOUGH! It was a windy and COLD day in Richmond. We were hoping to catch some winter weather, but we were all thinking about snowfall – not below-freezing temperatures and high winds! But these two kept each other warm, and we had a great photo shoot!

Zach and Erin are Common Spark Media’s very first engagement session of 2013. These two are so awesome together. Constantly encouraging one another, complimenting each other, keeping each other warm! You can see the dedication and love just pouring out of these photos. While it was about 27 degrees Fahrenheit, and there was SOME shivering, these two were made for pictures – they could cut the shivering off like a switch!

We’re planning on meeting together for another engagement shoot – hopefully when it’s a little warmer and we can have even more fun! We’re putting together a killer video for these two, as well – we’ll keep you posted on it’s progress! Lots of fun stuff up our sleeves, stay connected at: FB.com/CommonSparkMedia

Enjoy the photos!

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