Engagement // Justin and Ashley

I was extremely excited to photograph these two. I’ve known Justin and Ashley for a long time. When they asked me to photograph their wedding I was thrilled, and immediately went into brainstorming-mode! These two are totally awesome folks, each creative, outgoing, and totally individualistic. Check out that engagement ring! Stylish and totally unique – I had to up the ante when it came to the photos.

We talked a little bit about doing some night photography, light painting, etc. We all went down to the river and had a great photo shoot! We all played around the river until the sun went down, snapping some photos and Su pulling some video. We had tons of fun shooting the ‘Save the Date’ photos at night, and I’ll have to show those soon ;)

This couple’s getting married this September, so stay tuned for some awesome wedding photos, photo booth excitement, and a bunch more coming real soon!


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