Have you seen our business cards?

If we’ve met I’ve probably put one of these bad-boys in your hands. I’m really proud of my business cards. Not only do they feature our awesome LOGO DESIGN BY HEY SWEET PEA but they’re also 100% one-of-a-kind and handmade by ME! Not every photographer does the business card thing. In fact, I was at a meal recently with a bunch of super awesome photographer friends, and a quick (and very non-scientific) poll suggested that less than half of the folks at the table used them.

In a virtual world like today, where your mom is on Facebook (shout out to mine!) and your grandma gets photos deliver via PASS (how awesome is THAT!) It’s rare to actually hand someone a business card these days. Well, I didn’t want my business card to just fall through the cracks, or wind up in a trashcan somewhere. So I went above and beyond. I wanted to offer someone something special that they would be interested in showing a friend, their parents, or at least know that I cared enough about the job to produce something 100% unique.

I love my cards, it’s always a super fun conversation with my clients and I wanted to document the process! I’m preparing for an AWESOME photography conference in Santa Barbara, CA next week – so I’ve been making a few extra cards today to take to the conference and hand out! If you wound up here to learn how it’s done, check out the photos below!

You can find a lot of these materials at office max or around the house, but I’ll provide some quick Amazon links below!

Some items you’ll need:

Some high-level instructions

I wanted my film to look ‘normal’ to the naked eye, so I figured I would want 35mm negatives to actually look POSITIVE when held up to the light. To achieve this, I opened up photoshop, opened some photos of mine I liked and INVERTED the colors. This resulted in some funky prints, but after I took photos with my 35mm camera, the negatives become DOUBLE negatives – POSITIVES!

After some tweaking on photoshop I wound up with some easy to cut cards and sliced and diced. I put the paper back-to-back and with some guides printed from photoshop, I used the nesting punch to punch out a 1.25″ square in the cards. Just big enough for the 35mm to fit and look pretty clean. I eased the 35mm into the newly punched square, dropped it in a laminator pouch, passed it through a 350 degree laminator machine, and presto! Business cards!

Take a gander below, and let me know if you have any questions!! You can post them below or find us on FACEBOOK!

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