A new member of the CSM Family

Sarah is half way through her pregnancy today – so that means we just found out YESTERDAY that we’re having a … GIRL!!

We are so excited. Sarah gets to buy pink, and ribbons, and bows, and dresses, and pink and more pink. And I get to buy GUNS! Gotta keep all those boys at bay now, lol. The pregnancy is going great. Little to no sickness, a little headaches and tiredness here and there, but Sarah has been amazing. I’m so blessed to have such an incredible wife.

Titus is excited to meet his sister. He’s got an incredible vocabulary already, and we’re happy to add ‘sister’ to it now! We’re still thinking about names now (SO HARD!) and the middle name of course will go to the highest bidder (just kidding … kind of … ) We’ve got a few favorites and we’ll be sure to post here when we decide on one.

We have Bible study on Tuesday evening so we decided to have some friends and family over for a ‘reveal party.’ It’s where we tell everyone at the same time what the sex of the baby will be, and have a big party to commemorate the event. Sarah did an awesome job decorating and cleaning the house, making food and sweets. Friends even brought some extra snacks just for Sarah – Thanks Nate! – and egg rolls for everyone – Thanks Fergusons!

Sarah prepared a bunch of snacks – mostly all of the things she’s been craving this pregnancy. You’ll notice that baby #2 has quite the sweet tooth. You’ll see below where she highlighted the menu based on traditional boy/girl cravings. She also thought of a fun idea, to buy silly string, disguise the canister, and allow everyone to spray pink or blue spray paint at us to announce the sex!

It was a great evening, and we are SO thrilled to be having a little girl. The Common Spark family is growing :) **Video at the bottom!**

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