Engagement // Caitlin and Jared

I first met Caitlin and Jared at a Starbucks in Glen Allen. These two are exactly why I always say, “I get to meet the coolest people on the happiest days of their lives.” Jared and Caitlin laugh. A lot. Jared is constantly joking, and Caitlin is constantly laughing at him. The two are adventurous, risk-takers, and head-over-heels for each other.

We went to the James River on the first 80 degree day of the year … along with hundreds of other Richmond-dwellers. The river was crawling with people. Lucky for them I happen to know some secret spots along the river and we found some pretty intimate locations to get some epic photographs. We trekked all over the river and had a great time. The next time you see them, ask about the instant photos we took – some one-of-a-kinds photos in there, for sure!

Enjoy the photos – we can’t WAIT for their wedding :)


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