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Bitcoin, Litecoin, and dare I say it: Dogecoin? Cryptocurrency is amazing and rocks our socks off. We started working with Bitcoin (BTC) in February, 2013. Bud is on the computer constantly and heard about this new tour de force called cryptocurrency. Politics and philosophy aside, it really intrigued him and he thought the Bitcoin and Litecoin communities were really fun to be a part of. After thinking about it and learning more, we invested into this new technology and considered ourselves ‘early adopters’ to an awesome new currency/commodity (depending on who you ask, they will passionately argue either way).

Shea and Matthew

It didn’t stop there though; after some internet posts and friendly conversations, we ended up getting called up and interviewed on why we would accept BTC/LTC, we received inquiries on cryptocurrency jobs, and we started paying our local vendors in BTC and LTC for our hand-made and hand-stretched canvas prints. Bud had to start telling people that he wasn’t a bitcoin evangelist, and that if they wanted more info to give him a call the next day – he didn’t want to be ‘that guy’ at all the parties, talking everyone’s ear off about the wonders of the public ledger, transparency, and accountability in crypto.

Bud doesn’t tip toe around the tulips, he’s a big Litecoin (LTC) advocate; but BTC has been really good to us as well. We happily accept BTC and LTC (and probably some other altcoin if you have a good reason and there’s a reasonable exchange rate, lol) and here are a few of the reasons why:

  1. It’s just a lot of fun. This is really the top reason. It’s just cool to scan QR-codes, talk about cryptography, know about monetary policy and share that passion with other consumers! We really are living in the future – it’s 2014 for goodness sake! It’s just a TON of fun to use crpyto!
  2. Be your own bank. Maybe it’s latent teenage trust issues, but there’s something empowering about being your own bank. We love being our own bosses running CSM, it only makes sense to want to be your own bank as well.
  3. Community. It’s been a lot of fun getting to know other crypto-users. The conversation is exciting, even in a price free-fall, we’re always optimistic and anxious for the next shop, vendor, or friend to accept crypto.
  4. It’s the future. We love staying on the cutting edge of technology and excitement. It’s why we’re into 3D printing, why we shoot with amazing, top of the line gear (and some really cool ‘old’ gear), why we use social media, why we use GPS, and the list goes on. It’s designed to be the future of exchange, and it’s working splendidly. For many, and especially for us.
  5. There’s so much room for growth. I won’t lie, I don’t like to be behind. I don’t want to ever become the old guy who doesn’t know how to update his facebook status or twitter feed. I don’t want to be the old dude with the VHS clock still blinking the wrong time since the last power outage (yes, I said VHS). Because I think we’re on the cusp of something amazing, I want to have front row seats.


This certainly isn’t an exhaustive list, and it seems like every time I get to use crypto, I get giggly about some other new reason to love it. But I would encourage our couples, our vendors, our friends, other photographers: give Cryptocurrency a chance. You might find yourself really really interested!

If you want to know more about Cryptocurrency, there are SO MANY PLACES to get info. Read, Watch, Plug In. There are tons of other people out there interested and wanting to learn with you!

If you want to work with us using Cryptocurrency – AWESOME! Please feel free to Contact Us and let us know. We love to travel and would love to produce amazing images, and make headlines in the cryptocurrency community with you! We’re international wedding photographers and would love to connect with you. Check out some of our work below – we’re super proud of it and would love to work with our cyryptocurrency friends around the world :)

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