Wedding // Ashton and Dylan

You simply need to see this wedding. Every wedding I’ve been blessed to attend, I consider it a huge honor, and it truly was a joy to be a part of Ashton and Dylan’s big day. Honestly, I never knew a place like this existed in Virginia. The family farm was a bit off the beaten-path (my iPhone literately said, “NO SERVICE” in the top corner) but the day unplugged from a phone, everyone just focusing on the tasks at hand, was actually really special. No one had pesky distractions from Facebook, no emails and text messages. Just calm, intimate time spent with family and friends.

Ashton’s family has owned the farm for several generations – and you can tell. Each generation has added their own flare and built onto the home to expand and crawl with their growing family. It’s amazing the things people do when they’re 100% invested into a home and have no intentions on ever leaving. The care, the decorations, the odds and ins that you do to a home are just so different, lasting, intentional. I loved walking around the home, different rooms connected by beautiful garden walkways – I’ll admit, I got lost a few times.

I loved talking with the bridesmaids, some of them grew up with Ashton and they each had fun stories of swimming in the creek, running through the grounds, sleeping over in different houses on the farms – some even with ghost stories! You could tell this was more than a farm, more than some cool old houses, this was home for Ashton and her family. And Dylan fits right in.

Dylan is a man’s man. Hearing stories of adventure, the fun-loving nature of him and his friends, Dylan’s just a fun guy to be around. He arrived to the farm with his groomsmen in the early afternoon, helped decorate, and worked with Ashton’s father and grandpa to build the amazing arbor at the ceremony site. It was fun sitting back and watching these two families become one.

Ashton actually sent me an email while we were preparing for the day, and I think there’s a part of it I would like to share with you after the photos. It describes the farm, it’s importance, and just a small glimpse into the preparation and excitement that was building for this amazing wedding of two incredible people.

I hope you enjoy the photos, I certainly enjoyed attending and taking them. You’ll find some more of Ashton’s words below.


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From Ashton:
“Lastly, perhaps one of the most special things about this wedding (aside from it being the celebration of a marriage…obviously) is where it is taking place. The land, which is now my parents’, has been in my family for quite some time and the farm itself dates back to before the Revolutionary War. I grew up running around the woods and playing in the creek here since I was 8 months old with my brothers. My dad and his brothers did the same, as did my grandmother. In fact my grandma and grandpa were also married here, in a field behind the main house. My dad is going to ask them the exact spot in the field where they were married so he can mow a spot for a picture of Memaw, Papaw, Dylan and I, in that spot as well..their anniversary was last Sunday. We have done a lot to prepare the area for the dad has been working very hard on making nice paths in the field, I’ve made all the flower crowns, boutonnières, corsages, programs, poms and who knows what else. All of the bridesmaids bouquets will be made from flowers from my mom’s gardens. All in all, the little details of the land and the farm are very special to me and my family and are what inspired most everything at the wedding.”

Flowers: From the family gardens and prepared by Ashton and family
Gown: Grace Loves Lace
Ring: Bradley’s Jewelers

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  • Congratulations first of all Ashton and Dylan!! Your wedding was both beautiful and intimate according to these wonderful pictures. We have a family farm in Halifax County VA that goes back at least 7 generations that I can count and is very special, the 2 little homes on it are so beloved and filled with so many memories. I think that the photographers should enter some of these pictures into some contests because they are just that special!! I wish you many years of happiness and applaud you for including your heritage in your marriage ceremony. May God Bless You.

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