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If you’ve shot with me before, you know I love a good instant photo. Every single session I shoot, I always bring the instant camera with me. Honestly, It’s a little selfish – it’s just plain fun to use, and I love the reaction it gets every time I bring it out. “NO WAY! A POLAROID CAMERA!!??” Makes me smile every time :)

My little not-so-secret secret: It’s not a Polaroid camera – it’s a Fuji!

I’ve only been using the Fuji Instax for a little over 18 months. Before then, it always felt a little … weird … when I met with a couple, we took a ton of super-rad photos, but told them ‘you just gotta trust me, you’ll see all the photos in a week.’ I mean, don’t get me wrong – I love showing people the back of my camera, and I work really hard to make people know that they look amazing in the photos. But it felt weird leaving couples after the end of a session empty handed.

BOOM. Instant film to the rescue!

I love being able to carry around the fuji and snap some fun photos while the wedding or engagement session, or even the bridal session plays out. The photos range from seriously artistic, to silly candids, to off-the-wall, and sometimes just down right overexposed! That’s the fun with the instant film – it’s sometimes a little crazy!

It’s also a really fun way to get the kids involved. Every family has one (or two) of them. Kids in the wedding, that really don’t want to be dressed up for 8 hours while the adults make inappropriate jokes and drink mimosas all day. I usually befriend those kiddos right out of the gate – I try to ask them to take the ‘very first picture of the day’ by handing them the instant camera and letting them go nuts. ‘Take a few photos of the wedding party being silly!’ The kid disappears for a little while and comes back thinking I’m a magician when the prints show up in their hands rather than on an iPhone.

At the end of a session or the wedding day, I love to hand this big stack of instant photos to the couple. They get to laugh all the way to their honeymoon, and show their friends and family some photos that we literately JUST took. It’s a ton of fun, and every family gets a huge kick out of them. I almost always see the engagement photos resurfaced at the wedding – used for table photos, guest book pages, decorations, all sorts of things. The photos are obviously special, not just to me, but also to my clients.

So I wanted to start presenting them in a manner that was professional and memorable. The handmade Leather Pouches were born.

Below are a few photos of the construction of the Leather Pouches, along with a few sneak peeks of an average ‘instant session.’ Some photos are clearly cellphone photos, sometimes I only get to share a few moments with the photos before they’re delivered :)

To all my past wedding-day clients who would like one of our new Leather Pouches, contact us and I’ll be happy to send you a personalized one. To my future clients, I’m really excited to put these in your hands soon :) Thanks for reading!

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