Engagement // Ellie and John

Called the “City of Seven Hills,” this was my first visit to the city of Lynchburg. I had the pleasure of meeting Ellie and John over Skype (I love technology, and tech-savvy couples, lol) and we instantly hit it off. We determined that we think we’re all supposed to be best friends. John and I share our love of DIY and awesome (read: costly) hobbies. Ellie and Sarah are the level headed professionals who, in their kindness, allow us boys to tinker.
We met up at Ellie and John’s local running spot, it’s funny how ‘just around the bend here’ feels so much different when running versus carrying photography gear, hah! But walking around the park, getting to know our couples, that’s what it’s all about. I had so much fun getting to know these two, and we had an amazing engagement session. We love telling and hearing stories, and getting to connect with our couples on a personal level. I love meeting folks on their turf, at their special locations, and capturing photos that are really special.

I hope you enjoy the following photos, I certainly enjoyed capturing them. A special video is found at the end of the post as well, so stick around and give it a look!

See all of the photos from this session here!

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