CSLIFE // Traveling to Nebraska with the great Timothy Eyrich

Well, I have yet another travel experience thanks to Timothy Eyrich. Timothy and I have been to some really cool places together, and have another really BIG one on the horizon – IRELAND! – and I’m sure lots more to follow.
This go around I traveled all the way from little ole, Mechanicsville, Virginia, to Alliance, Nebraska.
Of course, in Alliance there are barely stop lights – let alone airports – so I actually made my way to Nebraska through Denver, CO. All my life I expected Denver to be this mecca of snowboarding, a mountainous experience, full of beanie-wearing hippies, streets paved with granola, etc.
As it turns out, Denver Airport isn’t near ANYTHING interesting, and it was a long, flat drive to one of my best bud’s house.
Totally worth it.
Timothy managed to put together a photoshoot when I arrived, so literately within minutes of my arrival, we jumped back in the rental and drove to a national park, Toadstool National Forest. “forest.”
This place was so rad! A nice hike into the National Forest (which was perfectly timed after sitting in airplanes and cars for hours and hours) and we found ourselves on the surface of the moon. Or what we imagine the moon may look like.
Timothy was an awesome host, a great friend, and it’s always a BLAST to spend time with such a talented photographer. If you’re in the Nebraska area, look this guy up – you’ll be thankful you did!
Thanks Ashtyn and Josh for hanging out with us. I’m really happy everyone came outta the park in one piece. No broken ankles, and no deathly plummets. Enjoy the photos below!!

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