A New Kent Wedding at The Vintager Inn

Featuring Kasey and Ben!

Oh my! The Vintager Inn is quickly becoming a FAVORITE venue location. These folks think of everything! Kasey and Ben put together the most gorgeous wedding and The Vintager Inn was the perfect location for such a perfect day. Kasey had the highest quality florals by Black Creek Flowers and Sweets, and no detail was overlooked.

From the start of the day, we had incredible weather, and a sun only outshone by the smiles of a really excited wedding party! Surrounded by friends and family, Kasey and Ben elected to have a few moments just to them selves and shared a really special ‘Intimate Reveal.’

An Intimate Reveal is when we find a special place for the Bride and Groom to meet before the wedding ceremony. This time is so special and intimate, it always results in the most beautiful and relaxed photography. A moment just to themselves, we capture the first reveal of the beautiful Bride to her Groom, but even then, for a minute or so everyone steps away and the happy couple can have just a moment to laugh, cry, pray, whatever needs to be done to prepare for the most epic party of their lives.

I can’t wait for you to see the images below. Seriously, Kasey and Ben make this job way too easy for me. Such a fun couple, full of authentic love – It’s so easy to see the care and concern they have for one another. And if you haven’t already, be sure to check out their engagement blog! I had a great time exploring Northern VA with them! Thanks again for thinking of me and having a cold Mountain Dew ready for me when I arrived!

Enjoy the photos below, and be sure to leave the happy couple some love in the comments section!

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Special thanks to {meagan abell photography} for shooting this one with me. You’re a tremendous photographer and a great friend.
Amazing Florals by: Black Creek Flowers & Sweets

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