Ashley and Ryan

It’s amazing what can seem so ordinary to one person is completely new, foreign, and awe-striking to another. To some it’s completely normal to have guineas, chickens and ponies walking around your backyard. For other’s it’s awesomely new and really really fun. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face the whole time we were shooting together – being closely watched by two inquisitive horses and flocks of hens – I was having the time of my life.

Ashley and Ryan are two extremely talented folks. When I arrived to their house Ryan was repairing the frame to their recently purchased Airstream – I can’t wait to invite myself back over and get photos of it finished! I know he’s created some incredible work from metal, and Ashley is a super talented Leather Craftsman. You need to see her work here! 

I had the honor to photograph Ashley and Ryan at the comfort of their home, just celebrating their first year of marriage together. It was an absolute blast, and I really hope you enjoy the photos! 001-Mechanicsville_Wedding_Photography 002-Mechanicsville_Wedding_Photography 003-Mechanicsville_Wedding_Photography 004-Mechanicsville_Wedding_Photography 005-Mechanicsville_Wedding_Photography 006-Mechanicsville_Wedding_Photography 007-Mechanicsville_Wedding_Photography 008-Mechanicsville_Wedding_Photography 009-Mechanicsville_Wedding_Photography 010-Mechanicsville_Wedding_Photography 011-Mechanicsville_Wedding_Photography 012-Mechanicsville_Wedding_Photography 013-Mechanicsville_Wedding_Photography 014-Mechanicsville_Wedding_Photography 015-Mechanicsville_Wedding_Photography 016-Mechanicsville_Wedding_Photography 017-Mechanicsville_Wedding_Photography 018-Mechanicsville_Wedding_Photography 019-Mechanicsville_Wedding_Photography 020-Mechanicsville_Wedding_Photography

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